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Sword and Thread offer courses online and in-person that explores the psycho-emotional trends, healing processes and how to build a healing practice in the 21st century. Learn techniques that will help you uncover the resolution to trauma, get tools that will bring you healthy psycho-emotional, somatic and spiritual well being and expand your healing practices. Courses uses interactive/experiential exercises to identify how & why your traumas are affecting your health, how to address those traumas personally with your partners, children, clients and patients, and how to navigate and get results in your healing process.

“People say events “changed their life,” and it can seem overstated, but I found out things about myself I was never able to put into words before, and yes, that changed my life.”

We Offer the Following Courses

Becoming a
Trans-Disciplinary Healer

Weekly calls exploring case studies, interventions and the field wide archetypal patterns that you yourself are embedded in and being called to heal.


If you’re a healer seeking to build an impactful, deeply soulful, financially thriving healing practice, or just someone wanting to understand the patterns in your life, why they repeat, and how to heal them, and those around you, consider joining our weekly 60 minute calls that will cover every major element in the current psycho-somatic and spiritual landscape in a way that synthesizes the great wisdom traditions into a practical application that is so desperately needed in the 21st century.

For more information email <aswordandthread@gmail.com> or learn more below.

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Currently no dates in 2022 for live courses

The Healing Journey of Psyche, Soul and Spirit


In this on-line course you will be guided through a process that has already helped hundreds of individuals overcome pain, confusion, and chronic illness. There is a method available for you now to overcome this type of suffering. You will need to go on an inner journey, but with the right tools at your disposal, you can become the hero of your own journey and heal through the power of your own suffering.

It you are interested in accessing this course online, you can purchase special access to the past recordings.

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These courses are for:

  • If you are suffering from chronic illness and have yet to find healing in allopathic and conventional means
  • If you have begun your psychological, spiritual journey and would like a course that addresses the most essential elements of that journey
  • If you are a practitioner within the psycho-spiritual field working with clients and patients
  • If you have been suffering from chronic illness and have realized that your mind, emotions, body, family are the missing piece

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