Essentials of Opening and Communicating With Your Heart


Audio Book in mp3 format

Your Energetic Heart (in the center of your chest) is your most trusted navigational tool in life, expanding in a warm, welcoming “Yes” when you move towards that which is beneficial to you, and contracting when it’s a “No”.

While the Mind is often unable to give you clear answers to complex decisions, providing you only with endless lists “for” and “against” because there is too much data to crunch or not enough to make sense of, the Heart’s intuitive clarity speaks clearly and unequivocally and is your ultimate compass, always pointing to your true north and guiding you home.



Audio Book in mp3 format
1 hr 7 min

Over the years one of the biggest reasons I’ve found individuals fail to find lasting fulfillment, or to heal long term, is because they are cut off from the energy and wisdom of their Heart.

If you’re truly connected to your Heart then you know it – not simply because you’re feeling it on an on-going basis (like now) but also because you have a very clear (and often painful) memory of that time in your life when you could not – when all of your most important decisions were made without it.

This audio is for individuals who can feel that subtle tell-tale pain in the center of their chests (the location of the Energetic Heart) and are now ready to open it, begin asking it questions, and receive actual, literal answers.

Doing so will align you more clearly with your mission, bring you greater internal peace, and continue to heal your relationship to your self and your body.


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