When Your Chronic Illness Becomes a Spiritual Awakening


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Persephone, Odysseus, Jesus. The Hero descends into hell and returns with treasures that few dare to seize. Having worked in the field of Chronic Illness for almost 20 years I can tell you now that it is not a meaningless journey that you have been on. God has not misplaced your paperwork. You are being asked to change your life, and become more sensitive to domains of reality that you previously didn’t know existed. The Chronic Illness journey, if it can be embraced, is a journey into the belly of the whale for the purpose of finding treasure and bringing it back to the family and world, for the purpose of making everything better.



eBook in pdf format
19 pages

Having a spiritual awakening can be hard enough without chronic illness thrown into the mix as well. What can often feel like navigating an internal category five storm will suddenly be compounded with the complications of brain fog, leaky gut and the fine motor skills required to perform a flawless enema.

However, if that’s your journey then I invite you to embrace it fully because you may never have a better opportunity to commit yourself to psycho-emotional and spiritual transformation. And here’s why …

For most people true healing and transformation is often put off indefinitely because of the demands of life, and the endless cycle of goal setting and accomplishment that is never ending. When you’re strong and healthy you’re unlikely to question that cycle, let alone stop it, to address the pain within yourself and your family. And if you do, it will often be with inconsistent efforts that are eventually put to the side for the next chore, responsibility, or mission critical project, that while valuable and important, will never address the deeper wounds within, because they can’t.

When the option to avoid our wounds indefinitely is available, we take it. But in so doing we are deprived of an opportunity that comes only when we are weak, exhausted, and bedridden. When we have been forced to stop, be still, and go inside, over and over again, because there is nothing else to do, and nowhere else to go.

Chronic illness can be reframed as “forced transformational detention”.

It says “go to your room and don’t come out until you’ve surrendered to the truth of your life, and begun to face the internal knots and tangles from your internal, family and ancestral systems that have now overburdened your nervous and immune systems in the first place”.

Yes, you may not want to do it at first. None of us do. But if you embrace the call instead of refusing it, then treasures that you may have never discovered without illness, can be yours.

In this short book I cover the two most important parts of the process of spiritual awakening that can, and regularly does take place, as a result of Chronic Illness.


For more information on this topic you can find a video that I made relating to this material entitled “Mitigating the Catastrophic Effects of a Spiritual Awaking on Your Family” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVThqo38lAY>


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