A Sword and Thread Evergreen Course

A Sword and Thread Evergreen Course

Psyche, Trauma and Your Hero’s Journey 

In this online course you will be guided through a process that has already helped hundreds of individuals overcome pain, confusion, and chronic illness.

There is a method available for you now to overcome this type of suffering. You will need to go on an inner journey, but with the right tools at your disposal, you will become the hero of your own journey.

“People say events “changed their life,” and it can seem overstated, but I found out things about myself I was never able to put into words before, and yes, that changed my life.”

8 Modules, 2 Guided Meditations, 3 E-Books. Over 12 Hours of Training for $50.00

Course Overview

Psyche as Labyrinth – An easy to follow guide of your Psyche, that we should all be teaching our children about from the get go.

Trauma is The Hero’s Journey – Entering Your Own Personal Underworld of Trauma and How to Navigate Your Way Through Intellectually, Somatically and Behaviorally.

The Return of the Sovereign – Returning to the Healing Power and Navigational wisdom of the Energetic Heart. How to Access Her, Generate Antidotal Healing Energies and Benefit From Her Intuitive Navigational guidance in Your Life.

Psyche as Committee – Learn the Most Essential Elements of Your Defensive Sub-Personalities and Inner Children. How they are created, how they sabotage you, and what you can do to heal and integrate them.

Your Life as a “Fractal” Hero’s Journey Explained. This is a good one, and speaks to the fact that your life is just a series of repeating challenge that follow the same fundamental pattern that is hard wired in childbirth and then again in potty training. After hearing this, you will never look at your challenges in the same light again.

Seeing Life Symbolically and Living in Golden Ratio. A bonus section that provides an overview of two of my favorite teachings from the Trans-Disciplinary Healer Training.

How Trauma Actually Effects Your Life. A detailed look at precisely how trauma effects you. A good one for all the stubborn spouses out there who think they’re just fine and dandy with “nothing to see here!” Wrong. We can all see …

Starting a Healing Revolution – The Return of the Empath. An homage to Carl Jungs greatest (male) student Erich Neumann (Love you Marie Louise von Franz) and his groundbreaking, should-have-won-the-Pulitzer-prize-book Depth Psychology and a New Ethic and what the “New Ethic” that he never spoke about, actually is. Hint: Emotional Processing and Healing.

What’s Included in this Online Course


20 years of Clinical Practice, Countless Trainings, Hundreds of Patients and Clients, All Distilled Into One Simple, Easy to Follow Video Series, That You Can Listen To On the Sofa, in Your Pajamas, Whenever You Darn Well Please. 

Total Cost = $50
(only $6.25 per module, including two bonus sessions)

Essentials of Opening and Communicating with Your Heart audio book
The Art of Productive Conflict eBook
Essentials of Conscious Crying audio book

This course is relevant to you…

  • If you’re suffering psychologically, emotionally …
  • If you have trouble feeling your emotional body and being present …
  • If you don’t have a connection with your Energetic Heart in the center of your chest …
  • If you’re an old soul struggling to find your way
  • If you’re a wizard in a family of muggles …
  • If you’re on a spiritual journey and looking for a map that incorporates eastern mysticism, western depth psychology, and how it all connects to living a life aligned with Spirit, or the Tao or Odin or Krishna or whatever you want to call It …
  • If you’re ready to explore the archetypal patterns and hero’s journey of your life …

This course is relevant to you…

  • If you’re suffering psychologically, emotionally …
  • If you’re battling a chronic illness with mysterious symptoms, or acute sensitivities to your environment, noise, people, food …
  • If you’d like to understand the connection between psychological and spiritual well being and physical healing
  • If you’re an old soul struggling to find your way
  • If you’re a wizard in a family of muggles
  • If you’re on a spiritual journey and looking for a map that incorporates the eastern mysticism, western depth psychology, and how it all connects to your organs, nervous and immune systems …
  • If you’re ready to explore the archetypal patterns and heroic journey of your life …

all for the purpose of healing yourself, and those you love.

In this course you will be provided with:

  • A Meta Map of Your Psyche outlining the essential elements for healthy psycho-emotional, somatic and spiritual well being
  • A Complete Guide to Your Traumas and how to begin healing them.
  • A Detailed Explanation of How Unacknowledged Trauma Damages Your Life.
  • The Anatomy of Trauma and its Resolution explained. 

What people say

“Transformational is the word that comes to mind when I think about how to express what it is like to work with Zachary. Deeply transformational … on all levels; whether it be in the realm of the heart when exploring feelings and emotions; the linearity of intellect and reason when dealing with the mind; or the resonance we find in the depths of our soul. I sought out to work with Zachary thinking I needed a ‘push’ to get my business off the ground, it turned out that I had to boldly go into the depths inside myself to find the edges and blocks that were holding me back, both on a professional and personal level. Zachary’s ability to be fully present and masterfully guide towards harmony between mind, heart, body, soul and spirit, is unique. He offered deep support with profound insight, sensitivity and grace, that facilitated a potential of transformation to take place on the deepest levels of my being … and ripple through to all aspects of my life. Working with Zachary has given me many tools that I will continue to use to further step into my power and allow me to become the highest expression that I can be in this world. I am infinitely grateful that our paths crossed and that I have had the opportunity to work with him.”

L. V.

About Zachary

Zachary is a guide for those undergoing healing and transformation psychologically, emotionally, somatically, archetypally and spiritually. His work spans multiple fields, disciplines and modalities that include trans-personal and developmental psychology, Family Constellation, Jungian and Archetypal analysis, Autonomic Response Testing, hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, meditation and the dreaming mind. He works in private practice online and in close collaboration with naturopathic doctors, alternative healers, artists and is passionate about the development of a Standard Model of Healthy Consciousness able to support individuals, couples and parents to lay the solid foundation of healthy Psyche from the ground up.

“Your work is like human ayahuasca.”


Frequently Asked Questions

The entire course is on line and accessible through easily watchable, pre recorded videos. 

If you’re not 100% satisfied we will offer you a full refund no questions asked. 

If you’ve begun your journey of psychological, somatic and spiritual healing, and are ready to take a deep dive that is comprehensive and impactful, that offers you some of the most cutting edge tools, practices and insights from the last hundred years of psychological breakthroughs and the last 3,000 in spiritual then join us for this deep dive.