A Sword and Thread Presents

The 5-Week Intro to
Your Hero’s Journey

Learn How To Overcome Challenges in Your Life and Work, One After Another, Indefinitely

5 Modules, 5 Weeks, 5 Hours

1. The Map

2. Strengthening Your Sword and Shield

3. Approaching the Lair

4. Finding the Child

5. Facing the Dragon

1. The Map: Becoming Literate In The Symbols Guiding Your Life

The first thing I do with everyone I work with is listen to them tell me stories about their life so that the symbols and dynamics become clear.

This is the micro pointing to the macro, the very blueprint of the hero’s journey, and a precise lock on your current location along it’s arc. Symbols and their dynamics don’t lie. They are external renderings of your current inner psychic reality broadcasted into full blown ecstatic or disruptive patterns, over and over again, indefinitely, and even in a ten minute monologue of the seemingly banal events of your week they will be crystal clear for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Life is always symbolically showing you where you need to heal, grow, pull back, or charge forward. Where you are taking on too much, not speaking up or abdicating responsibility and projecting your pain onto someone else.

Losing passwords, getting locked out of accounts, being rear ended, taken for granted, avoiding conflicts, or starting too many. A leaky hose, a blooming of mold, illnesses of any kind – they are all speaking to your soul’s journey as clearly as the HTML coding underneath these words.

But unless you can read them, they will never truly come together in a coherent and meaningful whole.

In this first module you will learn this language and more.

2. Strengthening Your Sword and Shield: Honing Your Masculine & Feminine

When the symbols come into view, the most fundamental dynamic they will show us is where your Masculine and Feminine are out of balance. And they usually are.

Either you’re too masculine or too feminine, too all embracing or too isolationist, have no boundaries or cross them, start projects and never finish them, or constantly knock tasks off your to-do list without ever truly feeling them.

The domain of the Masculine includes getting onto your mission, making money, being unafraid to enter conflict when necessary, bring projects to completion, crossing the finish line, holding your own, saying NO.

If you struggle in any of these areas then it merely points to a recessive masculine in your psyche, body, family and ancestry, calling out to you for strengthening.

By contrast the domain of the Feminine includes emotion, presence and attunement to the journey not the goal, to the means not the end, to the relationships you build along the way and not simply the result.

The Feminine is about being, not doing, and when that’s out of balance you risk becoming a toxic man or hard-hearted woman, excessively over working, over-giving, and pathologically self sacrificing.

To balance both, the Tao recommends a default setting grounded in the Feminine where you are always feeling, always attuning and when the opportunity arises, and you are called to hold a boundary, or strike out and seize an opportunity, the Masculine is suddenly and powerfully roused into action.

The way of the Tao is to perpetually rest in Being, while periodically and skillfully striking out into Doing.

3. Approaching the Lair:  Identifying Your Repetition Compulsion


Now that you know the specific symbols of your life, and what aspect of your Masculine or Feminine you need to activate or rein in, the next step is identifying your Repetition Compulsion or where, when and how your trauma keeps returning.

And it does, in extremely predictable patterns.

This is the nexus point of your Hero’s Journey. Because all your unhealed trauma’s are forever alive and well in your life, appearing periodically at the same time, in the same scenario, with people who you unconsciously and repeatedly constellate around you.

Being undermined by others, having your voice suppressed or losing your temper, lashing out and being left, the conflictual patterns of your life, which started in childhood with your family of origin, will continue to repeat in your life, over and over again, until you have learned to heal them because apparently that is the only way that your Psyche knows how to bring those wounds to your attention.

In this part of the training you will learn when and why the conflicts, mistakes, and challenges in your life appear, under what circumstances, and with whom, and you will be supported to develop a step by step plan to accurately predict their arrival and develop the part of your Masculine or Feminine that you previously did not have to overcome them, instead of defaulting to a tired old defense mechanism, that only serves to endlessly repeat them.

4. Finding The Child: Walking the Hero’s Path of Redemption Internally

Now that you see what’s coming and you’ve strengthened what you need to face it, its time to begin walking the path.

But before you do, you will need to address the inner child within you that is afraid to do so, and if pushed will silently sabotage your best attempts to complete the mission.

That’s right. All our challenges involve a part of us that does not believe we can do it, that refuses to face them, and that believes that only bad will come from attempting.

And unless you address that part, internally understanding the limiting belief that your inner child is clinging to, then your hero’s journey will be undermined before you know it.

In this module you will learn how to do all this. How to energetically, somatically, gain access to your sub personalities and inner children and get them mission ready for success.

But let it be known. They will not believe you at first. Because, as with all our limiting beliefs they will not believe you are the real deal. They won’t believe you’re willing to truly do what it takes to reach inside and find those parts of you that have been forgotten for years, that you are too busy to stop for a single moment and feel. You have not the time, nor the space, nor the tools, and even if you did, it wouldn’t work because there’s nothing inside anyway, no inner children, no exiled parts, no wholeness to inhabit, no transcendence to dance with. It’s all bullshit and the only way is up and out and forward, to keep running, sprinting, working, striving, reaching and … never arriving.

Even though deep inside you may feel the feint truth that with every passing year you’re leaving more and more of yourself behind. Showing up as more and more as a fragment of who you really are, forever pushing the pain down with another drink, drug or distraction because apparently it’s the only way out.

But it’s not, and in this module you’ll learn why and how.

5. Facing The Dragon: Walking the Hero’s Path of Redemption Externally

Still with me?

Good. Now having connected with the sub personalities and inner children within you, you will be ready to take courageous action externally because you will have finally (and successfully) dis-armed your own potential for self sabotage. Because all change begins inside energetically, but it ends outside strategically, and that part, involves facing the dragon.

Standing up for yourself, pushing a project through to completion, accessing your vulnerability underneath your fury, reaching out for help, speaking your truth, holding that boundary, or paying your dues and stopping the pattern of always trying to skim the grade, cheat the system and find a short cut, are all versions of facing the dragon.

And there will be a moment externally where you are challenged to face your dragon. But having prepared for it’s arrival in Module Three, you will now see it coming from a hundred miles away and have everything you need to knock it clean out of the park.

This is the path of redemption externally. Because we can do as much healing as we want at the clinic, or in the therapeutic space, on the inside, with the body and heart and inner children, but it’s all just hot air until you actually put some skin in the game and Actually Change Your Life.

And let’s be clear – despite the fear, every one of these changes you also deeply want.

Up to this point you may have been just afraid to face them, or didn’t yet have the skills to execute them, or the support system to hold you through them, or the belief deep in the marrow and sockets of your bones that it was your destiny to succeed in overcoming them, just like me once upon a time. Just like everyone I’ve ever worked with.

But if you take this journey, with support, which you will have, and commit to following through with every stage of the process, no matter how long it takes, no matter what curve balls life throws, then you will experience a level of healing and empowerment that will make it all worth it.

All you need to do is begin.

The Details

Duration: 5 Weeks, 5 Sessions, 5 Modules, 5 Hours, 5 Stars, 50 Bucks

  • Start: TBD
  • Day: Mondays
  • Time: 9am PST
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Price: $50.00
  • Zoom (Sessions will be recorded)
  • If you are not entirely satisfied with this course we will refund your tuition with no questions asked.
  • If after this training you decide to follow it up with our 6-Month Curated Life Training, you can apply (deduct) this tuition to that training.

Beginning date will be announced once minimum number applicants is met

About Zachary

Zachary is a guide for those undergoing healing and transformation physically, psychologically, emotionally, somatically and spiritually. His work spans multiple fields, disciplines and modalities that include trans-personal and developmental psychology, Family Constellation, Jungian and Archetypal Analysis, Autonomic Response Testing, hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, meditation, mythology, Hermeticism and the dreaming mind. He works in private practice online and in close collaboration with naturopathic doctors, alternative healers, artists and is passionate about the development of a Standard Model of Healthy Consciousness.

“Zachary’s teachings have changed the course of my clinical practice to be much more aligned with my potential as a clinician. He provided the missing pieces that I needed to help bring my clients and myself to points of profound growth. I’ll be forever grateful for his guidance and support.


Zachary’s work is truly exceptional in every sense of the word. He has a unique ability to reorient the way in which you move through, see and interact with the world. His heartfelt presence and authenticity burn like glowing embers that warm the barren and stolen pieces of yourself. Highly recommend.


“Would you like to go to the unconscious inner works that are playing in the client’s life and your own…decipher them, gain insight into them and learn how to address them? This class is for you! Excellent investment. You will be glad you did. I have benefited beyond I imagined. Zachary thank you!”


“Transformational is the word that comes to mind when I think about how to express what it is like to work with Zachary. Deeply transformational … on all levels; whether it be in the realm of the heart when exploring feelings and emotions; the linearity of intellect and reason when dealing with the mind; or the resonance we find in the depths of our soul. I sought out to work with Zachary thinking I needed a ‘push’ to get my business off the ground, it turned out that I had to boldly go into the depths inside myself to find the edges and blocks that were holding me back, both on a professional and personal level. Zachary’s ability to be fully present and masterfully guide towards harmony between mind, heart, body, soul and spirit, is unique. He offered deep support with profound insight, sensitivity and grace, that facilitated a potential of transformation to take place on the deepest levels of my being … and ripple through to all aspects of my life. Working with Zachary has given me many tools that I will continue to use to further step into my power and allow me to become the highest expression that I can be in this world. I am infinitely grateful that our paths crossed and that I have had the opportunity to work with him.”

“Your work is like human ayahuasca.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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