A Sword and Thread Presents

From the Hero’s Journey
to The Curated Life

A 6-Month Journey
In How to Follow the Energy

The Curated Life is all about learning to access The Tao, otherwise known as The Way. Yes, The Way is real and accessed through the body. And when you become sensitive enough to it, you begin to feel your way through life. Which is wonderful because you are relieved of the colossal burden of having to think your way through your every decision, even though so many of them either have too much data to crunch or not enough to make sense of. Yes, as cliche’d as it sounds, The Way knows The Way. And all you have to do, is listen. By which we mean, feel.

The Modules

1. The Culmination of a Quarter Century of Psycho-Somatic and Spiritual Development

This training has naturally and organically emerged from twenty five years of personal development and twenty plus years working professionally as a clinician, guiding others in their path, and learning from each and every one of them along the way.

I did not decide that The Curated Life would be the Cap Stone training that I offered. My patients and clients told me. And for twenty years they have helped me to understand not only that it was possible, but how to do it, through laborious trial and error, one session after another, until finally, a method emerged that was tried, tested and ready for prime time.

Embracing The Curated Life takes courage. It requires you to trust an energy that may sometimes point to something counter intuitive, a life you don’t believe is possible for yourself or a mission that you don’t feel worthy enough to embrace.

But the Tao doesn’t care how you feel about the life that it wants for you. It simply points the way whether you agree with it or not, and never stops.

When you learn to feel the energy of the Tao within you, in the contractions and expansions of your body, and you begin to follow those impulses with strategic, skillful action, you will quickly become convinced of its wisdom. Because every impulse that is followed intentionally and diligently will bring you closer to the life you were born to live, constantly cutting out what you don’t need, moving towards what you do, growing a community of care around you, healing the body, walking the mission.

In the end, when you’re following the energy, it’s really that simple.

2. Learning to Access the Energy

The foundation of this training will teach you how to tap into the intrinsic field of intelligence that surrounds you, via the body, not as a theoretical concept, but as a literal space chock full of valuable insights that are always offering you guidance, in every domain of your life.

Over the course of this training you will be guided into this space, over and over again, and then invited to sweep the concentric circles of your life, from your Core Family, to Extended Family, from Close Friends to Community, from Work Superiors to Direct Reports, from Patients to Clients.

As you learn to access The Field you will find that it constantly offers you vital course corrections in critical moments, red flags to avoid on-coming disasters, and evasive maneuvers to resolve conflicts before they balloon into disaster. All this you will soon begin to see as the development of a Intuitive Radar, that exists far above the head of you Conscious Mind. As you integrate the wisdom of the The Field and apply its recommendations to your life, you will wonder how you managed to survive so long without it.

3. Becoming an Expert in Your Own Psycho-Emotional Landscape

Everything you feel is a message guiding you forward in life. Why are we not taught this in school? Why were we not taught this as children? I have no idea. But the first step in Accessing the Energy of the Tao, is to become literate in your own emotional depths, which is not half as difficult as it sounds.

You only have half a dozen emotions that you regularly cycle through, and only one or two “negative” ones that are asking for energetic internal support in the moment, followed by strategic action in the outer world. If you have already taken my Intro to the Hero’s Journey Course, you’ll already have an understanding in how to do this. If you want to learn more about it, you can check out my E-Book, The Curated Life, for a more detailed explanation, but the process is simple and requires you to develop the somatic, energetic skill of being able to generate “antidotal energies” that are able to dissolve whatever negative emotion you’re suffering from. And that is a skill like any other that is learnable. For example, can you generate compassion right now? Can you generate care? Forgiveness? If you’ve ever expressed those emotions to someone else, like a partner, friend or child, then you already know how to do it. The trick here, is to learn how to guide it inwards, which by the end of the course, you’ll be able to do in spades.

4. Taking Trauma-Informed Courageous Action

The two most powerful energetic sources of healing and guidance that you have access to are your Energetic Heart, in the center of your chest, and The Field, that exists all around you, and includes the supportive energies of your maternal and paternal lineages, as well as the Divine. In this part of the training you will learn how to harness these energies for the purpose of healing energetic entanglements and trauma. Because when you first access The Field you will find that it is a cauldron of energetic wounding from the past, that will erupt to the surface when triggered by similar events in the present. Without understanding how to welcome these eruptions, and resolve them effectively, you will have no choice but to do what most of the world still does – suppress, repress, project and scapegoat, what Jungian Cap Stone Genius Erich Naumann described as The Old Ethic. What you will be trained in here, is how to embrace The New.

6. Get the E-Book

If you’d like a more nuanced explanation of the rudiments of the process, you can check out my e-book, The Curated Life.

And if you’d like to explore a shorter, starter course that introduces you to The Way, you are warmly invited to join my next Hero’s Journey cohort.



The Details

Duration: 6 Months week)

Next Start Date : TBD

  • Day and Time: Mondays, 9am, for 60 minutes
  • Zoom (Sessions will be recorded)

<p>Beginning date will be announced once minimum number applicants is met<strong><br />

About Zachary

Zachary is a guide for those undergoing healing and transformation physically, psychologically, emotionally, somatically and spiritually. His work spans multiple fields, disciplines and modalities that include trans-personal and developmental psychology, Family Constellation, Jungian and Archetypal Analysis, Autonomic Response Testing, hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, meditation, mythology, Hermeticism and the dreaming mind. He works in private practice online and in close collaboration with naturopathic doctors, alternative healers, artists and is passionate about the development of a Standard Model of Healthy Consciousness.

“Zachary’s teachings have changed the course of my clinical practice to be much more aligned with my potential as a clinician. He provided the missing pieces that I needed to help bring my clients and myself to points of profound growth. I’ll be forever grateful for his guidance and support.”


“Would you like to go to the unconscious inner works that are playing in the client’s life and your own…decipher them, gain insight into them and learn how to address them? This class is for you! Excellent investment. You will be glad you did. I have benefited beyond I imagined. Zachary thank you!”


“Transformational is the word that comes to mind when I think about how to express what it is like to work with Zachary. Deeply transformational … on all levels; whether it be in the realm of the heart when exploring feelings and emotions; the linearity of intellect and reason when dealing with the mind; or the resonance we find in the depths of our soul. I sought out to work with Zachary thinking I needed a ‘push’ to get my business off the ground, it turned out that I had to boldly go into the depths inside myself to find the edges and blocks that were holding me back, both on a professional and personal level. Zachary’s ability to be fully present and masterfully guide towards harmony between mind, heart, body, soul and spirit, is unique. He offered deep support with profound insight, sensitivity and grace, that facilitated a potential of transformation to take place on the deepest levels of my being … and ripple through to all aspects of my life. Working with Zachary has given me many tools that I will continue to use to further step into my power and allow me to become the highest expression that I can be in this world. I am infinitely grateful that our paths crossed and that I have had the opportunity to work with him.”

“Your work is like human ayahuasca.”
“If Paul Rudd and Jesus had had a baby”

Frequently Asked Questions

I told you already, Zoom.

If you don’t want to, absolutely not. We will have opportunities for people to share cases they are working on to gain insight and support but only if they feel comfortable doing so.

Yes, unless you’re having a bad hair day.