A Sword and Thread Presents

The Path of the Mystic Artist

Weave Your Healing and Evolution Into Your Artistic Production

This course is for writers and artists passionate about the ultimate journey, in art and in life – surrendering not to what you want to create but what Spirit, God, the Tao, whatever you want to call it, wants to create through you.

The Modules

1. Accessing the Tao

Flow is the currency of the Mystical artist. Learning how to reliably tap into it’s current and give into it’s guidance alleviates the need for you to ever know where you’re going, or how to get there. The Muse of the Spirit knows. She will guide your way, but only if you’re willing to surrender to her, and let her to lead. In this training you will learn how to enter flow, sustain it, and ritualize your return to it, so that every time you do, your ability to sync with the great Source will be carved ever deeper.

2. Your Art is a Rendering of Your Psyche, the Good, the Bad, the Beautiful and the Ugly. 

Your art is a rendering of your internal Psychic Structure. Make no mistake. Having worked with artists throughout my career, I have seen it first hand. As a scholar of great literature it also as clear as day. Whether Joyce, Nietzsche, Rilke, or Jung, who was a Mystical Artist in his own right – they all wove their traumas, inferiority complexes, inflations and aspirations into their art.

The question is not *if* your art is going to be a reflection of your Psyche, but *what part* you are going to reflect. Because you can enter flow like any average Joe and begin to produce art without knowing what part is being amplified (or marginalized), or you can decode your own Personal Archetype and let that expression amplify your alignment to your own Hero’s Journey, in glorious artistic technicolor.

3. Identify Your Myth

You may hear a million voices in your mind, but I guarantee that you are only Two Over-Arching Symbols in your life and two Elemental Dynamics that you are living through day and night. In this training you will learn to identify all this and the redemptive aspects of it. Whether Theseus who stood up to Medusa, or Hercules who slaughtered his wife and children, whether Circe who stood up to her father, or Prometheus who stole fire to give to the humans. You are a myth and you have a destiny. A path that will either shackle you to a cliff face or celebrate you after an apotheosis. Do not create art in darkness. Know your Souls purpose. Weave that into your brushstrokes.

4. Ritualizing the Creative Process. Bringing it back to the Oracle at Delphi.

Once you have developed your ability to step into Creative Flow, and you have understood the Archetype and Myth that is most going to peak your Soul’s interest, it’s time to sacralize your creative ritual, the moment to drench your studio with unconsciously activating symbols. Think Perseus holding the head of Medusa by Cellini, or Medusa holding the head of Perseus by Garbati, or the sketch of Empedocles jumping into a volcano by Rosa or Circe standing topless in a pride of Lions by Barker, or sitting in a drift of men-turned-pigs by Rivièrè. The trove of Great Art that we have at our finger tips today offers you the ultimate in animating eros. With a cheap color printer and access to Google’s images you can render forth impeccable reproductions of animating archetypal patterns that will arouse the sleeping giant of your unconscious, as well and the trans-migrating wisdom and goodness of your previous life times. Nothing holds an artist in a deeper embrace than the great works of her forbearers. There is a part of you that is connected to the great artistic legacy all the way back to the very beginning, to Isis and Gilgamesh, to the Venus and the Magician cave paintings. You are not just connected to this lineage, you are a living expression of it.

5. Embrace Your Flavor of Dangerous Art 

Real art is not safe. It walks the line and often has to step over it to find out where it lies. If your work doesn’t make you sweat or throw your head back and laugh or double you over to weep, then you’re holding back from going deep. In this group you will be joined by a hand picked group of artistic pilgrims on the path, walking against the current, into the wind, in order to find the Source of all things. If art is to be impactful, it must impact you first. Learn how to trust that dangerous instinct inside yourself, in a community of safety and support.

Who Are These Calls For?

  • Artists

  • Writers

  • Poets

  • Musicians

  • Creatives

  • Innovators

The Details

Duration: 12 Months ~ 12 Sessions

  • Time and Place : TBD
  • Zoom – (Sessions will be recorded)
  • Price – TBD

<p>Beginning date will be announced once minimum number applicants is met<strong><br />

About Zachary

Zachary is an author and guide for those undergoing healing and transformation physically, psychologically, emotionally, somatically and spiritually. His work spans multiple fields, disciplines and modalities that include trans-personal and developmental psychology, Family Constellation, Jungian and Archetypal Analysis, Autonomic Response Testing, hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, meditation, mythology, Hermeticism and the dreaming mind. He works in private practice online and in close collaboration with naturopathic doctors, alternative healers, artists and is passionate about the development of a Standard Model of Healthy Consciousness.

“Zachary’s teachings have changed the course of my clinical practice to be much more aligned with my potential as a clinician. He provided the missing pieces that I needed to help bring my clients and myself to points of profound growth. I’ll be forever grateful for his guidance and support.”


“Would you like to go to the unconscious inner works that are playing in the client’s life and your own…decipher them, gain insight into them and learn how to address them? This class is for you! Excellent investment. You will be glad you did. I have benefited beyond I imagined. Zachary thank you!”


“Transformational is the word that comes to mind when I think about how to express what it is like to work with Zachary. Deeply transformational … on all levels; whether it be in the realm of the heart when exploring feelings and emotions; the linearity of intellect and reason when dealing with the mind; or the resonance we find in the depths of our soul. I sought out to work with Zachary thinking I needed a ‘push’ to get my business off the ground, it turned out that I had to boldly go into the depths inside myself to find the edges and blocks that were holding me back, both on a professional and personal level. Zachary’s ability to be fully present and masterfully guide towards harmony between mind, heart, body, soul and spirit, is unique. He offered deep support with profound insight, sensitivity and grace, that facilitated a potential of transformation to take place on the deepest levels of my being … and ripple through to all aspects of my life. Working with Zachary has given me many tools that I will continue to use to further step into my power and allow me to become the highest expression that I can be in this world. I am infinitely grateful that our paths crossed and that I have had the opportunity to work with him.”

“Your work is like human ayahuasca.”
“Like meeting the monolith in 2001, only to realize that it’s yourself.”
“If Paul Rudd and Jesus had had a baby”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t want to, absolutely not. However there will be space for people to regularly share their work and progress in a professional and supportive environment. 

Yes, unless you’re having a bad hair day.